The Best RV Wash Brushes 2023

A Motorhome seems great, no matter if it’s thoroughly clean or unclean. If your missus won’t stop troubling you about washing it or maybe you really have to clean your camper up else the outside would corrosion, can even trigger wear and tear, then it’s about time you need to do. You shouldn’t use anything below the ideal Motorhome wash clean for this job.

You wouldn’t need to do it time and time again, will you? You additionally wouldn’t want marks on the motor vehicle simply because you didn’t utilize the correct instrument, proper? Of course not. To your beloved Recreational vehicle, you shouldn’t be satisfied with nearly anything subpar. So without further more ado, here are my most encouraging RV rinse mop choices that you ought to explore.


8 Best RV Wash Brush Reviews 2020


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1. Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush

This heaven-mailed cleaning up remember to brush will be the means to fix my washing issues: it helps save me effort and time every time I prefer it to clean up my Recreational vehicle. I really like to carry on travels in the Recreational vehicle with your family, however I always horrible the cleaning – not any longer.

This Camco Recreational vehicle clean with an adaptable deal with trim down my cleansing period in half and my arms and back usually do not hurt anymore after every cleansing. Our RV becomes utilized a whole lot in the summertime and it will get dusty and grimy pretty fast – which meant I needed to wash it more frequently than typical. I figured of investing in this RV cleaning clean and so I am so delighted I have done – I suppose I searched satisfied when I was cleansing the Recreational vehicle while using this initially that my 7-calendar year-aged child provided to help and join in around the enjoyable! (Don’t get worried I still do most of the job)

I’d say I’m about regular elevation and make, having said that I still enjoy the adaptable span (43 to 71 in .) since it is very convenient in washing those challenging-to-achieve places and I also don’t just chuck my back out cleaning the Recreational vehicle. I seriously appreciated the integrated on/off button because I don’t have to keep going forward and backward to turn the garden sink off as well as on to save h2o – I can manage it I go alongside.

I think really the only disadvantage would be that the broad cleaning up mind is simply 11 ins if it’s whatsoever probable to get a broader washing brain, I believe it’d be perfect.

This Camco wash clean includes a well-thought-out design and style: the locking brush go inhibits unnecessary activity and gives me much better manage, even though the rubber edges prevent scratches on ends. The soft bristle remembers to brush mind along with the built-in squeegee make certain a thorough cleaning up whenever.


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✔️Adjustable length

✔️Integrated on/off button saves water

✔️The head is locked in and overall sturdy construction

✔️Soft bristle brush and squeegee in one

✔️Rubber corners for safety


➖Could be a bit wider

With all the time, water, and effort that this cleaning brush saved me, I would count it as one of the best purchases I’ve made in my life.

2. EVERSPROUT 7-to-19 Foot Scrub Brush

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I have got been trying to find a good Recreational vehicle remember to brush that does its job and at the same time is not going to burn a hole in my wallet – and I’m delighted I discovered this reputable Eversprout Scrub Clean!

It is this sort of functional clean that we use it not simply for cleaning outside RV but also for every part of my house too. I repainted our family room recently and I found it necessary to clean and prep the wall surfaces and roof, along with its variable deal with (6.5 to 18 ft .) manufactured my job a great deal simpler.

I like that this brush is delicate and does not scratch surface areas because this way I only require one brush as I operate throughout the house and clean the Motorhome, even though my front side deck and my windscreen are constructed with various resources.

This Motorhome brush comes in three measurements, however, I opted for the 18’ one because I experienced it is just the correct span for me – the 12’ one is a little brief (We have short arms, I understand) as well as the 24’ one is a bit a lot of but I suppose a lot of people would prefer another measurement.

If only they stuffed the product correctly, although, since as soon as I opened up the deal it started in, it looked cracked – it seemed how the go and also the manage was actually haphazardly positioned in the box. I have that the remember to brush might be separate for your pole, nevertheless the condition it arrived provided a minor panic and anxiety attack (I don’t just like having to get in touch with customer support for such a basic object). Thankfully, it wasn’t damaged whatsoever, having said that I would enjoy it if it was dealt with much better.

Also, it’s a small nuisance, but aligning the thread in the remember to brush visit the pole calls for focus (once it is aligned well, even though, turning and locking it set up is easy)



✔️Available in different maximum lengths (12, 18, or 24 feet)

✔️Have 3-stage adjustable handles

✔️Soft bristles with rubber bumpers and built-in squeegee

✔️Aluminum pole so it’s lightweight and doesn’t rust


Aligning the brush head is a bit troublesome

Even so, I would say that this is a good buy and I might even get one for my dad for Christmas so he wouldn’t have to use a ladder to scrub and clean hard-to-reach areas.

3. CASAREZ Flow-Thru Dip Car Wash Brush

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If you’re trying to find the softest remember to brush you can find, the CarCarez Stream-Thru Drop Car Wash Remember to brush is definitely the one particular. It is so gentle it almost feels like a sponge.

While there may be a problem with other brushes itching the paint away from RV travelers, you won’t practical experience by using this clean. Despite its gentleness, it can be still able to thoroughly clean my motor vehicle appropriately. Eliminating debris and parrot poop isn’t as difficult since it may be linked to a garden hose, so I can simply h2o down some dirt. It has an on and off swap for that drinking water also, which can be fairly helpful.

Using the sponge-like form of the clean, it’s able to carry soap and water rather nicely. I oughtn’t to dip it repeatedly inside the bucket just to ensure that it stays soaped up. The fibers from the remember to brush mind are able to suit from the grills and slim slits, allowing me to completely do away with all the grime, no matter if on easy surface areas or through thin crevices. Additionally, it has two non-move grips to create washing much easier even if the pole becomes drenched (not that I seasoned the take care of obtaining damp).

I have learned about this brush’s problem with others takes care of. Several broomsticks and mop deals with are said to not in shape this brush go. So for me to prevent this problem, I really acquired the entire group of remember to brush with taking care of. No perception seeking to help save a couple of bucks simply to end up getting stuck with a remember to brush go which you can’t use with anything. As soon as I acquired the package deal, I quickly tested the pinnacle with other deals with, and positive enough, it had been difficult to get a match. Out from fifty percent a dozen I analyzed, merely one was able to suit. I patted myself about the back for acquiring the total established.

Be sure to clean the brush thoroughly after use. Some debris may get stuck involving the bristles and may scuff your RV’s coating down the road, so be sure it’s thoroughly clean as new before you decide to shop it away.


✔️Bristles are soft and sponge-like

✔️Able to clean a camper properly

✔️Can hold a lot of soap and water

✔️Has an on/off water hose function

✔️Has two non-slip foam grips


Not a lot of handles can match the brush head

This is surely one of the best brushes I have ever tried. You can use for up to a dozen washes before it shows any sign of wear, which is a good enough level of usage. Just skip yourself the agony and get the set with the handle.

4. Shurhold 1960 Marine Mate Soft Brush

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I got this Shurhold Water Partner to not forget to remember to brush for cleaning my vessel, but initially, when I first purchased it, I supposed I’d give it a shot first on my own RV as it ought to be cleaned out – and that I didn’t foresee which it functions as well as it did.

I am just delighted to obtain identified this brush mainly because it now may act as an all-around remember to brush for me personally – I don’t just buy a completely different one for a lot of my cleaning needs. The machine capabilities well with all the recent washing merchandise I favor, and it also lathers cleaning soap nicely showcasing its split-finished fibers. Following I tried it on my own tiny camper, I used to be considering it might damage away from the artwork, nevertheless, its bristles are fragile enough never to hurt the fresh color, but still executes effectively in cleansing through the moss and also another yellowing.

I like this clean is flared inside a trend that it gets into the sides and cracks that are generally difficult to obtain, as well as the remember to brush imagination doesn’t get in the way. The flared clean also covers a lot more locations when cleaning, consequently, it cuts down my cleaning up time – anything I enjoy a lot because I actually don’t want to clean.

Do I Need To acquired the opportunity, even so, I might really like the solid wood deal with to use a greater coating, perhaps an anti-tumble covering so it will be simpler to traction despite having drenched fingers and wrists? It is really not too it obtains very slippery, but I have sweaty fingers and I need to hold onto it tighter sometimes (my issues, not the brush’s, however it would be wonderful in the event the brush control could very well be increased). I could possibly work together with it well when I’m utilizing my cleaning gloves, so I speculate that’s still fine.


✔️Pole length and grip size are just right

✔️Angled pole for easier scrubbing

✔️Easy to store

✔️Flared bristles for edges and crevices

✔️Lathers soap and water well


The wooden handle becomes a bit slippery with wet (or generally sweaty) hands

Even so, I would still advise this to anyone that has a tricky time choosing a great remember to brush that is the correct size for all of your common cleaning routines.

5. Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash Brush

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We have a pickup, a Motorhome, along with a sedan, and that scrub clean is successful on every one of them. I used to be particularly satisfied that this worked well well with my Motorhome because I figured how the gentle clean are only good enough for my sedan and pick up, and so I was happily surprised.

I wasn’t particularly looking for the best all-around brush, but I am glad that we identified this. The pole itself features a great foam to take care of this it won’t move regardless of whether it will get damp, and because its pole duration is adjustable, you can use it on vehicles of all sizes.

The slightly flared stops in the remember to brush as well as the rubber fender on the brush go protect against accidental marring, particularly when I’m cleaning up my windscreen. Its 10-inches-large remember to brush head makes it suited to dipping and washing and it can simply be kept if the handle is separate and retracted to the least amount of duration (36 “).

However, I saw that this may be a better remember to brush if its bristles are a tad bit more flared so that it would cover a lot more surface while I’m cleaning. I realized that I needed to hold the remember to brush at a particular angle to get into the edges of the Microsoft Windows, thus I imagined maybe when the brush is flared a bit more, that would make my work a little easier.

Regardless of that, I believe this scrub clean is an excellent buy because I can apply it to wash all my autos – and in many cases other parts of my house. I used it on my wooden outdoor patio, and it didn’t injury the stain completely by any means. It is without saying that it also is successful in my cars and doesn’t damage the paint finish.


✔️Adjustable length extends to up to 65”

✔️ Foam on the handle provides for better grip

✔️ Could be used on any type of vehicle

✔️ Rubber bumpers prevent damage


➖ Bristles could be a bit more flared

Soft bristles are not designed for heavy-duty cleaning

Overall, as being an RV wash brush, this Carrand Luxurious Car Scrub clean does a pretty good job – in fact it is well worth its cost.

6. AutoSpa 93303 with Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop

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If you’re searching for a cleaning clean that completely “hugs” the sides of your vehicle to be able to take away the grime even on curves, this cleaning mop by Autospa is a good decision.

The clean head is definitely manufactured from lengthy Chenille Micro-fiber, which is fantastic for washing cars while greatly avoiding marring your little one. The head is hollow and made from plastic-type material, which can be useful for cleaning folds up and sides. It appropriately actually gets to inside difficult sides, letting me clean up my RV studiously.

Nonetheless, ever since the inside of the mop mind is hollow and also the jewelry is merely promoting the outer part, it’s a little bit challenging to really wash some places with solidified dirt on it. In the event you place far more pressure, you could possibly split the mop head’s owner. I actually have to go to the actual final outcome this mop isn’t for difficult scrubbing. My answer would be to garden hose down hard-to-get rid of the soil before cleansing the entire motor vehicle.

I also really like that you can extend the pole for up to 48 ins, which minimizes the necessity for stepping stairways to achieve the roof. The locking process is useful to avoid the extensive pole from sliding way back in, even though the pole is moist and slick. This telescoping RV remember to brush even offers rubber grips to avoid it from slipping through your moist hands.


✔️The mop has Long Chenille Microfiber

✔️ Extendable for up to 48 inches

✔️ Has non-slip grips

✔️Can clean sharp corners and hard to reach curves


➖Can’t clean sticky and solidified dirt

In spite of its tiny clean mind, I really like this washing remember to brush by Docapole. You can also use it for other elements of your home, for example, windows, rain gutters, substantial ceilings, and much more.

7. DocaPole 5-12 Foot Soft Bristle Scrub Brush Extension Pole

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If you want a rinse clean by using a really, really lengthy handle, there is nothing at all much better than Docapole’s five-foot smooth bristle wash which can be extended for approximately a whopping 12 toes! You won’t need any more extensions than that.

The wash goes is actually a bristle clean but problems not. It is made of smooth bristles, therefore it won’t damage your fresh paint. We have used it myself and I have to admit that we like the outcomes. I surely could remove solidified grime while not having to rub viciously. Since it is angled, I managed to attain even the sides and between bbq grills.

Extending the pole is hassle-cost-free mainly because it works with a lever to locking mechanism the extension to the position. The locking mechanism is quite efficient as I don’t experience any pole collapsing inside. The pole can also be light in weight enough for one person to hold and employ it, even though fully extended.

The down-side for this rinse brush is the fact that brush head is a little small for my taste. The shape is good for managing the pole and brush, even though. Nonetheless, I had to dunk the clean over and over again as it might only maintain a bit of water, and the scrubbing surface is tiny, meaning much more work.

The Things I adore most about Docapole is simply because they provide a complete guarantee that the merchandise will work as planned. If there’s any failing using the extension and locking levers, it is possible to get in touch with customer care for any alternative. Not really that I’ve ever required this before however, I have invariably been happy by their products’ overall performance.



✔️Can extend up to 12 feet

✔️ Lever locking mechanism for the pole extension

✔️ Well balanced

✔️ The brush is angled for better cleaning

✔️ Has a 100% product guarantee


➖The brush head is too small

In spite of its tiny clean mind, I really like this washing remember to brush by Docapole. You can also use it for other elements of your home, for example, windows, rain gutters, substantial ceilings, and much more.

8. Carrand 93053 Deluxe Jet Dip Brush

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Although very basic in its design, this jet dip brush by Carrand can definitely get the job done.

This is the best choice for a wash brush if you are looking for a sturdy cleaning tool that will last a very long while. Even if the handle is fully metal, it is lightweight and doesn’t corrode easily. The brush is small enough to fit any bucket, so I was able to easily dip the brush in soapy water. The bristles are soft enough not to cause any damage to your camper’s paint job, but it’s stiff enough to remove hardened debris.

However, I think the brush is too small for brushing a big vehicle such as an RV. The brush is just eight inches, as compared to other brushes that are up to 12 inches.

Nevertheless, it is a great basic wash brush that won’t strain your back when cleaning your vehicle. Its four feet handle is enough to let you reach the roof, as well as the lower parts of your trailer without having to bend down.

Plus it’s fairly cheap! If the price is your concern, you will love the quality of this brush for such a low price.



✔️ Basic but great

✔️ Sturdy full metal handle

✔️ Has a plastic grip that prevents slippage

✔️ Bristles are soft and won’t scratch your paint


The brush is too small

➖ The handle is a bit short

Carrand 93053 could be the most straightforward of all of the RV rinse brushes We have featured on this page, yet it is nothing short of great. Because of its selling price, you may definitely love it up to I did.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Wash Brush

In the events of outdated, the phrase has to be genuine that the dog is man’s good friend. Gone were those days now, for these days your pet is substituted: at present, a man’s best friend is his vehicle. Along with the Recreational vehicle is most likely one of many world’s most cherished trips.

The Motorhome (which stands for the leisurely vehicle) is probably the most widely used automobiles worldwide, and even for good explanation. It is actually more than simply merely a trip that gets you Stage A to Level B, the RV is actually a home far from home. Like a gentleman who loves accumulating distinct vehicles and autos, I have to accept that Motorhome is most likely among my most dearest rides.

It is actually a behemoth on wheels, a trip that is designed to hold the best possible layout for lodging! Additionally, it is a monster within the hood, being able to cross wonderful distances of defeated trails and ignored roadways, in the meantime having all your family members (and yes, even your domestic pets!) along! Isn’t that just remarkable?

However, as being a Recreational vehicle proprietor should certainly know, traveling the Recreational vehicle and maintaining the Recreational vehicle are two very different issues. Together with the Motorhome, driving is only one half the combat, because the other 50 % is knowing your RV. For instance, what kind of scrub remember to brush are you currently employing to clean your dearest Motorhome? Why is a good RV clean brush? What are the factors to consider when selecting one particular on your own?

Being a seasoned proprietor, I will impart bits of information and information I have amassed through years of going with my Recreational vehicle. In this article are among the variables to look for when purchasing your upcoming Recreational vehicle scrub brush.

The Correct Sizing

When buying an RV wash brush, most users would say ‘the greater, the better’. Even so, that might not be the situation, seeing as there are occasions when ‘bigger’ brushes just won’t practice it for you personally. You will find several aspects with regards to this however, the topmost of that collection will be the user’s height. Those who own the typical stature can confident take advantage of the enhance when cleaning the Motorhome rooftop, as reach is usually an edge. Nevertheless, I have fulfilled some managers who have trouble with this because they are large, helping to make moving off the brush more challenging. The correct dimension does not always suggest ‘bigger’, the correct size is determined by the dog owner.

Even so, when conversing concerning the regular in the community, the typical agreement is that your clean should no less than be at very least five feet. This is certainly to make sure the dog owner the brush can attain the farthest parts to clean, just like the roof structure for instance. By using an extended clean you can use regular feces or seats to stand on, as opposed to opting for the greater and bulkier ladders.

One answer that some businesses have opted for is incorporating extending poles or telescopic cleaning up poles. Such take care of might be extensive or decreased, based on the user’s needs.


The Correct Characteristics

Since the RV is certainly a well-known car not merely here but additionally overseas, it can not big surprise me that there are plenty of brands available that focus on our RV demands. Each and every organization and brand features its own capabilities and advantages that they can make use of to attract many more users. There are numerous functions to take into account when looking for your upcoming RV clean.

  • Clean Sorts

Even after many years of collecting autos and autos, I am quite shocked to understand that a small number of grizzled veterans and newcomers miss the reality that there are many of remembering to brush different versions. Specifically, those are the normal bristle brush which we have seen generally, there is the mop fiber content remember to brush, not only that the drill-connection clean. Check out the 3 and consider your choices.

  • Hold

There are 2 primary forms of grips. First, there is the standard rubberized hold which guarantees a no-fall benefit while you utilize it for cleaning up. It offers far better maneuverability for that remember to brush and while supporting your actual hold. The 2nd the first is the foam grasp, which gives ease and comfort for the fingers while working on the washing.

Ends and Bumpers – It is recommendable to choose RV wash brushes who have rubber aspects and bumpers. This helps guarantee that no extra damage is performed towards the RV while cleaning up it.

  • Manages

There are actually rinse clean handles out there that happen to be resolved, and simultaneously, there are the telescopic manages. With the set, brush manages, you cannot change the brush to nonetheless very long you would like it (which varies as you may thoroughly clean distinct places), however, it will give you a somewhat sturdier truly feel. Telescopic takes care of are excellent if you wish to affect the remember to brush size based on what you really are doing, just be sure to have one that features an excellent length secure.

  • Bristle Design and style

The bristle design and style is probably the most examined area of the clean brush. There are 2 principal choices with regards to this: the standard bristle clean, along with the flow-through bristle brush. The regular bristle remembers to brush is easy in cleaning energy as it can eliminate soil even during the most difficult places, even so, there is an opportunity for marring. The flow-through remember to brush is truly the selection for managers, as it is gentle together with the work surface but remains in a position to perform its work.

  • More Features

Apart from the essentials, additionally, there are brand things on the market that have additional features. As an example, you can find RV clean brushes that could be built and disassembled. This will make it much easier for storage space, and also swapping pieces. In addition, there are RV scrub brushes that could be hooked up instantly to the garden hose, which slices the cleaning up time significantly having its simultaneous function.

The Correct Cost

Soon after considering the numerous variables that need to be regarded, you happen to be now to check out its price. We certainly have diverse activities with various brands, and yes it sometimes boils down to the type of material employed for the clean. Less expensive brushes are usually made out of average supplies, which speak of lesser sturdiness but at a less expensive cost. The higher-end manufacturers tend to be slightly pricier, but its make usually speaks of great quality.

Other Important Things to consider


What Is An RV Clean Brush?

Since its inception, the Motorhome has changed into a global beloved and it has since come to be synonymous with the thought of ‘travel’ and ‘road trip’. Having its hulking dimensions, it promises a lavish place intended for ease and comfort and overnight accommodation. It is able to retailer your everyday household information and requires whilst ensuring your friends and family can easily sleep and chill effortlessly. Its fantastic dimensions are sufficient to have got a washroom, a cooking area, and acquiring place, all this in addition to your getting to sleep quarters. Indeed it is actually a home out of the house.

Aside from becoming a behemoth in dimensions, its strength underneath the hood rocks! too! In order to journey between wonderful distances, from your beaten route to a beaten path, from the neglected route to another is really a positive task for that Motorhome! All of these miles even while sunlight is out and blistering, even if the bad weather is preparing down gloomy heaven, the Recreational vehicle will certainly allow you to get from here to there!

With all of these abilities and perspectives, it is actually easy to understand then that this Motorhome has an opponent unlike any other: the debris. When you travel numerous kilometers on unpredictable conditions and surfaces, your Recreational vehicle will certainly get filthy. Even though it is manufactured to resist that, as a responsible manager, it is actually your work, subsequently, to never create the RV’s task more difficult. But cleaning the RV using a standard brush just would not cut it, which explains why businesses and brand names have made clean brushes which are specifically RV-common.

The Recreational vehicle clean brush includes delicate stability, it is not with enough concentration to scuff off your RV’s gel and color, yet it is also not soft enough to merely pass a dirty spot. For this reason, typical washing resources would not help the Recreational vehicle it is only a distinct car than your typical vehicle. They have an extendable achieve plus a clean with a few or more ends (oftentimes with rubber bumpers and edges also, for additional safety!) to get a cleaning advantage.

Typical laundry and cleaning tools would not do it much for the kind of dirt the Motorhome collects, which is in which the Motorhome wash remembers to brush can be purchased in.

So How Exactly Does It Work?

The Motorhome rinse remembers to brush performs as with every other cleaning up brushes, using the only variation being the make and the included characteristics. You can find several variations for that Motorhome wash brush which will help managers produce a smoother cleaning practical experience.

The most prevalent of the variety in cleansing technology may be the telescopic deal with. As its brand implies, the telescopic take care of is surely a variable deal with that shortens or expands based on use, using a system similar to that from the telescope.

Utilizing an accuracy and precision or span lock so that you can assist the system continues in spot, this can be a pretty useful advantage taking into consideration the tremendous dimensions of the RV. Using this, you are able to adjust the rinse remember to brush making it more suitable for you by giving better maneuverability.

Another well-known item variance from the Motorhome rinse brush is the drill-attachment brush. To arrive both bristle clean and mop fiber clean types, the drill-accessory brush (as the label indicates) is really a clean remember to brush that can be attached to your regular drill and thoroughly clean with greater power and accuracy.

This can be utilized in many scenarios, like when you have a dirty spot that could stop being washed using your ordinary brushes. Besides these two, there are Recreational vehicle clean brushes you can find that might be directly attached to your backyard hose.

Being an expert Recreational vehicle owner, I will wholeheartedly confess that sometimes doing the work traditional by using a standard RV clean brush plus a bucket just requires a great deal time and effort, each of which could be spent in an additional area. By linking the garden hose straight to the clean, you may wash, always rinse, and repeat the process using a faster timeframe, while also ensuring that comprehensive cleansing was employed.

Exactly What Are The Different Types Of Motorhome Rinse Brushes?

Considering that the Recreational vehicle is a preferred vehicle among vacationers all over the entire world, it comes with no real surprise that numerous firms have offered us many options with regards to choosing its tools, like the Recreational vehicle rinse brushes. Both seasoned users and newcomers, at some point, were confused about the different kinds of RV wash brushes on the market.

In terms of genuine remember to brush sorts, we now have three major variations of your Recreational vehicle clean.

First, you have the bristle remember to brush. The bristle remembers to brush is among the most typical on the list of three, which is the traditional regular. The bristle brush is actually a dependable cleaning up resource for your RV, with solid bristles to clean away debris, whether it is weighty or lighting.

The next variance may be the mop fiber content clean. The same as the look of your common mop, the mop fiber remember to brush is great at taking away moisture from surfaces, whilst cracking away at those stubborn messy areas in numerous areas.

The 3rd variety from the Recreational vehicle clean brush is definitely the drill-attachment remember to brush. The drill-attachment clean is prepared for a regular drill, and that is certainly where it can do its miracles. With concentrated potential, accuracy, and speed caused by the drill, the drill-accessory clean will be able to change any corner or area squeaky clear very quickly.

When evaluating a Motorhome wash brush, additionally it is important to pay attention to its bristle design. Different bristle patterns serve diverse capabilities. Primarily these are grouped as stream-through brushes and typical brushes. Together with the movement-through brushes, you are certain to experience a brush that is kinder in your RV’s work surface, as well as having the ability to gather grime. Durability is vital with the normal clean, nevertheless, when employed without care it can damage the RV’s gel layer or paint.

Why Do You Want A Clean For RV?

RV clean brushes are essential in the repair of Recreational vehicles. They are created to have plenty of energy to wash away the grime from all of your rugged moves, when simultaneously sensitive enough to never damage the RV’s fresh paint task.

Then the standard wash clean, a Recreational vehicle washing clean is actually a specialized one, using the pursuing rewards:

Longer poles – whether telescopic or non-extendable, a Recreational vehicle rinse remember to brush has much longer poles that enable users to completely clean the very best things of your Recreational vehicle, including the roofing. Typical brushes are way too brief with this process.

  • Smooth but durable bristles – these bristles are created to thoroughly clean campers thoroughly, without causing any harm to the fresh paint.
  • Grip handles – because consumers will probably utilize the clean inside a raised method, you will discover a substantial possibility that normal water will drip down the manage and fall through the user’s palms. As a result, many Motorhome brushes have grip manages.
  • Normal water pump motor well suited – several a Recreational vehicle cleansing clean could be mounted on normal water hoses. The water circulation usually can be handled with the on / off switch around the pole’s handle.
  • The material is usually much better for specialized Recreational vehicle brushes in comparison with regular brushes, way too.

Often Questioned Inquiries

What are good RV wash brush brands?

If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your camper, you should use a really good wash brush from brands you can be confident of. Some brushes are so bad, you had to do the cleaning all over again. To avoid that, get RV washing tools from these brands:

  • Camco
  • Eversprout
  • Shurhold
  • Carrand
  • CarCareZ
  • AutoSpa
  • DocaPole

Can I use RV wash brushes on truck/SUV/car?

It actually depends on the type of product, but in general, you can use RV wash brushes on other vehicles; whether it be for your SUV, your sedan, or your truck. You can even use this inside your home for cleaning fans, windows and more. Some brushes can even be used in boats!

Can I replace the RV wash brush head?

Most RV cleaning products come in sets, so sometimes the brush heads can’t be removed. Some, however, can be replaced, especially if it is a screw-on type. It all depends on the type of RV wash brush you are purchasing. Some brush heads can be purchased individually, and you can simply use your paintbrush rods or broomstick for the handles.

Will an RV wash brush to scratch the paint?

No, an RV cleaning brush won’t scratch your trailer’s paint, as long as you use the right brush. There are many brushes out there, and not all are made for cleaning vehicles. Some brushes have bristles that are too hard that they will scratch the paint, others are too soft that they won’t be able to remove dirt. RV wash brushes are made at the right softness to enable cleaning without the paint peeling concern.

Also, after using your wash brush, make sure to clean it properly to get rid of debris. Either sundry it or use a dryer to completely dry it off before storing it.

What cleaning products should I use with an RV wash brush?

You can’t clean your RV with just a brush. You need other items for this task. Aside from water, here are other products that would complete your cleaning routine (this is the number one list when it comes to RV cleaning tips):

  • RV wash and wax, soap, or shampoo?- this will help soften and break down dirt that has solidified.
    Wash bucket – this is where you mix water and shampoo. It must have a wide enough mouth to accommodate the wash brush head.
  • Drying cloth – this could either be a microfiber cloth or a synthetic chamois. Whichever the item, this cloth helps you properly dry your vehicle for the application of the polish.
  • Vehicle Polish – if you want your vehicle looking shiny and new, you should use an RV or car polish ready. It would be better if the polish you have needs no buffing to make the vehicle shine.

How to set-up and use?

Setting up is pretty easy. Most of the washes brushes are ready to use anyway. However, for those that still need assembly, you just need to follow the instructions. Most are screw-on, especially the extendable RV wash brush types.

When cleaning your RV, you just need to dip the brush head or the mop into a pail that contains soap and water, and you’re good to go. If your wash brush can be attached to the water hose, then good for you! Cleaning up will be easier when you can easily control the water flow using the wash brush itself.

How to care and store?

If your wash brush can be assembled and disassembled easily, without the need for using tools, storing would simply be by disassembling and placing in a box. If not, keep it as is in your shed. Before storing it away though, make sure the mop or the brush head is perfectly dry. You can do this by wringing the mop carefully and then keeping it out to dry in the sun. If the sun’s not out, just leave it to air dry. Moist mops can harbor bacteria, which would render your brush unusable for future washes.

Where to buy?

The awash brush is easy to find. You can buy one from Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes. If there’s an RV specialty store in your area, there’s a high chance they’ll have the product you are looking for.

If you don’t have the time to go to the local home improvement stores, you can always search for a truck wash brush online, through, for example. Most of the time, the items are discounted online. Plus you’ll have an added bonus of having the product delivered at your door. If you’re within the area, you might even get your order within the same day.


Cleaning your beloved camper doesn’t have to be complicated at all. If there is a lot of grime that’s stuck in the crevices, get a brush that’s flared and have strong bristles; that’ll get to the hard to reach areas easily, effectively removing stuck dirt. It also allows you to have access to hard to reach areas. RV wash brushes are specialty brushes – they don’t cause scratches on your camper’s paint. Just make sure there are no pebbles or tough dirt stuck between the bristles.

Remember, if you are armed with the right cleaning tools – the car soap or shampoo, the wax, the microfiber cloth, and of course, the best RV wash brush – then you’re all set! These will make your camper looking good and like new.




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